This topic will include all engineering approaches of biopolymer producing cells by classical pathway engineering strategies as well as elucidation of novel insights in production and regulation.

This topic will include the latest and highly innovative approaches of designing novel and synthetic biopolymer structures as well as the utilization of tools from synthetic biology to enable biopolymer engineering.

This topic will cover all aspects of bioprocess engineering and bioprocess optimization for enhanced and sustainable biopolymer production.

This topic addresses all aspects of biopolymer harvesting, purification and processing. The scope will also be on sustainable end economic approaches.

This topic includes all aspects of biopolymer analysis, such as chemical structure analysis, determination of monomer compositions, structure determination of co-polymers etc.

This topic will cover all aspects of biopolymer processing towards final materials and products. Special focus will be on mild conditions which do not influence the chemical structure of the native biopolymer.

This topic is dedicated to all biobased and biodegradable polymers which are based on non-natural monomers such as HMF and FDCA for PEF production, or other substrates such as terpene derivatives for the production of novel materials.

This topic is open to all applications of biopolymers, ranging from technical ones to highly specific applications as in medicine.

The scope of this topic is to cover the current market situation of biopolymers including the outlook on biopolymer-based applications.

This topic will cover all economic aspects of biopolymer production, which will include substrate costs, production cost as well as environmental impact compared to alternative fossil-based polymers.

This topic will not only include real biopolymer degradation, but also plastic degradation to enable a greener and more sustainable environment.

This topic will cover all biorefinery principles for biopolymer production including transportation chains and by-product formation.

Other topics can be proposed in the abstract during submission and will be considered by the Scientific Committee.